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Mobile Log-in Time

Hi Everyone -

When logging into my app using mobile (desktop is fine) the load time is literally minutes long. I used a pop-up but then switched it to a stand alone page with nothing on it because I thought it may have been the image on the home page. That didn’t cure it.

From there I thought maybe the repeating group I had on the dashboard the login was dropping users into was data heavy so I tried just routing back home as a test. Still super slow.

Even weirder if you refresh the page while it’s loading the user will be logged in.

Help please!

If you share the link I’d be happy to see if it’s slow on my phone.

Does it happen over wifi or only on mobile network?

You could set up your phone as an AP, connect a laptop or desktop to the AP and then try from the laptop, if it does the same thing, you can use the dev tools on the desktop to see where in the application loading it is hanging up, the network profiling on chrome is excellent for this.

@DaveA So I made my phone the access point and no issues on desktop…

@john3 I’ve tested it on more than 5 phones same issue.

Lol this is becoming a serious puzzle.

@emmanuel any idea what’s going on?

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It is only happening in safari. Tested on google chrome for mobile and no issues.

Can you explain the symptoms of the ‘load time’, what do you see or don’t see?

I fired up the application from the link above and on the desktop, the spinner in the chrome tab went on for ages, looking in the dev tools, it was constantly polling the livechat client.

@DaveA The page basically times out. The load bar loads very slowly and then stalls at the end. If I hit refresh the user is logged in. It

I removed live chat and no difference…I made a stand alone login here and same issues. That page isn’t weighed down by anything and the behavior is still the same.

Well…I cleared my safari browsing data and the issue stopped. Doesn’t seem to be any real issue within the app. Fingers crossed and just hope it doesn’t affect to many users once it’s live.

I tried on my iPhone only 3 seconds to login