Site will not load on mobile (or perhaps just iphone)

Site works fine on mac and desktop. Page loading times are 10 seconds for mobile, I would say once every two weeks of late, the site will simply not load for mobile users. This lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. (Never affects desktop)

The page in question is a full calendar page. I have 14 photographers in the field, each of them has a calendar page with their appointments on it. When it does not load for them I always confirm the issue on my iphone (on wifi at home) and it won’t load for me either so it’s not an internet connection issue. Laptop works on my wifi, phone refuses to load.

All the complaints thus far have been from iphone (which is what I have) so I do not know if android is affected.

Strangely, even when I confirm the issue on my home wi-fi I call some other users and they aren’t have the issue. there is some randomness to it.

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