Mobile responsiveness(no side-scroll?)


I have a mobile version of one of the pages on my app. It seems to work fine when looking at it through the responsive viewer, but when looking on a mobile device, it is appearing as too wide for the screen which requires a slight side-scroll.

Is there any way within Bubble to make a page snap to both edges, left and right, and then resize everything in the middle. i.e. I would like the view to be edge-to-edge on all screen sizes with no requirement for a side-scroll. Is this possible?


When the behavior you describe happens, it means that something on your page is outside of the bounds of the viewer at that width. (Or the page’s minimum width settings are not allowing it to get all the way down to your device’s width.

Check for stray elements and check that your page can actually achieve that min width.

Note also that on iOS (possibly others), inputs that might be auto selected or focused by you will be auto-zoomed at text label point sizes below 20 and this might also be causing what looks like similar behavior.

Ensure “make element fixed width” is not checked in the page editor and then side-scroll shouldn’t be an issue.