Mobile version page is not displaying when previewing with mobile phone

I’m a newbie at using Bubble. I am currently using a free purchased marketplace template but I’m having issues with the responsiveness. When I preview my dashboard page, it works well on the 1200 (computer screen) but the mobile version of the page does display when I test the page on my mobile phone. It’s still showing the desktop version on the mobile phone.

If you check the parameters of your index you can see the following one :

  • This page is a native app []

Did you check this one ?

I think you should try to make it responsive to mobile screens so as to look good I can help you archive it

Thanks axeldor, I readjusted the index parameter and still working on the app being more responsive to mobile, iPad and tablets devices tho. Appreciate the help

Thanks Jack, trying to do some proper responsive readjustments for all devices right on.

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