Modal Multiselect - Easy to use modal multiselect

Yo Bubblers & Community

Let me present a new plugin - “Modal Multiselect

This plugin allows us to complete bubble applications with modal multiselects.
Setup and use in few clicks.

A video capture from the DEMO page.

For details or support also feel free to check our community where you will find much more interesting.

Have a great day everyone :purple_heart:
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Nice one, thanks for creating this.

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I know it’s a needed feature. Next I’ll try to add some more customizations to it. Maybe different variations of the input :slight_smile:
Keep in touch :wink:

Purchased but can’t get it to work - I tried two different choice sources but nothing pops up. I have the in built multi select running side by side with the same settings and that works just fine… the modal multi select just seems unclickable although it shows up as a box. Any pointers?

I believe I have the choices set right
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 6.49.12 PM