🔍 Introducing the Dropdown Solution You've Been Searching For!

Greetings, dedicated Bubble Community!

We understand the quest for the perfect dropdown functionality can be elusive. That’s why we’re introducing the Multiselect Searchable Dropdown Plugin to bridge that gap.

What sets it apart?

:sparkles: Detailed Styling Options: Modify colors, fonts, and layouts to harmonize with your app’s distinct flair. :mag: Swift Search: Breeze through vast lists with an embedded search feature, no coding required. :floppy_disk: Versatile Save Button: Decide the exact event actions your app needs, from saving data to intricate server interactions. :arrows_counterclockwise: RTL Support: Choose your text direction with ease, whether it’s RTL or LTR.

Why It’s Essential:

  1. Avoid Design Hassles: Crafting a multiselect dropdown from scratch often results in unnecessary hours spent with less than stellar outcomes.
  2. Code-Free Search: The built-in search function spares you from the complexities of manual coding.
  3. Unmatched Flexibility: Extensive styling options and features ensure a seamless integration with your existing design.

Give your Bubble app the dropdown feature it truly deserves. Explore the Multiselect Searchable Dropdown Plugin today.

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Pleased to share more plugin updates:

  • added an option to upload your own image for the dropdown including setting the image size
  • added more workflow triggered event (when clicked away , when closed , etc…

Happy bubbling :smiley:

Looks cool, do you have a free version just to feel it out? Perhaps a version you can fork that only has certain features, for example can’t change the design, etc.

Its worth mentioning the WU consumption since its a paid plugin and no way to test

We appreciate your curiosity :beer:. Currently, we don’t have that available, but we anticipate introducing it shortly. Our primary focus is on refining and creating superior professional versions. For now, the most effective way to experience this plugin is to subscribe to it, with payment based only on the duration of usage

Hello @nikia, we’re grateful for your enthusiasm. Given that this is a client-side plugin and usage can differ greatly, it’s challenging to determine the Work Units (WU) because it’s unpredictable which sources and features you’ll activate, among other factors. However, you can observe the current WU in our demo environment, which reflects the usage based on the properties applied there. Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to the plugin, test it personally, and only pay for the time period you use it.