Modify an existing database entry

See screenshots. I was hoping to add Tags to this entry. When I enter a value eg #MyTag and click Save nothing happens.

What is your Field Type for your Tag Data type?

Hi there, @GB44… I’m guessing your issue isn’t as simple as what I am about to propose, but you didn’t mention one very specific step, and this step has tripped me up many times, so I didn’t think it could hurt to throw it out there for you.

When you are manually adding something to a list, you have to enter a value into the field and then click the little Add button next to the field before clicking the Save button. As I mentioned above, I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to click the Add button first, and then I think I’m crazy when I’m trying to figure out why the data isn’t showing up as expected.

Anyway, like I said, I’m guessing your issue isn’t quite so simple, but you never know, eh? Hope this helps.


Thanks. Turns out I was being dumb and not adding the UID for my new tag. Works great now I’ve done that. It would be cool if the Bubble DB Admin screen allowed me to select from a list of existing tags. I’ve seen that in other platform/framework admins like Django. But this gets the job done, sop no complaints.

I think you could change the primary field for Tag under App Data to the #Tag instead of the unique ID.

Wow!! I’m so happy I saw your comment. I was NOT clicking Add!!
Thanks :grinning: