New entry in database not working

I am trying to manually add data entries and once I type the value in the field and click Add or anything outside of the input box, the value disappears. I cannot figure out how to add a manual entry in a custom data table. See before and after I click out of the input box or click Add. Either way the value disappears.

Hi there, @gwmoran11… what is the field type of the Questions field?


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Hi @mikeloc, it should be type text. Thanks

Unless your datatype is Text (or number or date), typing into the input should show a list of available options to select from (based on the primary display field selected)…

So, that fact that there is no dropdown list in your screenshot, suggest that nothing is matching the text you’ve entered…

meaning there is either no data in your database (or option set), or you’re typing the wrong thing based on the defined primary display field.

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Ah… well in that case, ignore me (although, based on the problem you’re having, I’d double check that).

(but also, don’t use a list of texts for this)


Yup, what Adam said… it’s probably not a text field, and it probably shouldn’t be anyway.


@adamhholmes thanks for the replies. I am very new to bubble and learning the database, I will look up some YouTube videos and get back to you if I am still having trouble. Thanks

You probably want to have a Question data type, and the Questions field you are showing in the screenshots should be linked to the Question data type, and the field should be a list. Then, after you create some things (questions) in the Question data type, you would be able to add them to the list field in the screenshots. Finally, you would likely want to click the Primary fields button in the upper-left of the App data tab and change the primary field for the Question data type to something other than the unique id because whatever that field is set to is what you are going to have to start typing to get questions to show up when you attempt to add them to the Questions field.


Thank you! I will reference this and let you know if I have any issues along the way!

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