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Modifying current order with input form Airdev Shopping-cart

If you are familiar with this widget it’s probably a frequent question.

How to set up the workflow of an input form to enter the desired current user’s current order quantity.

I tried but I’m still struggling with this :slightly_frowning_face:

Here the widget link

Thanks to clarify this basic concept for me :pray:

I want to override current user’s current order with this input form’s value.

The steps should be similar to those:

Ok done but now when my input value is changed and the subtotal / total responded to it, the input value cannot be triggered by the IonicIcon - or + anymore :sweat_smile:

I could solve that issue with a “Reset relevant input” but another is there… I have to click on the group ordered product after pressing “enter key” in that input field in order to see a change in this workflow.

And this makes sense since the workflow is “When ordered product is clicked”.


Here you have a process to enhance this shopping-cart current user’s current order quantity!