More Password Policy Options

Currently the only options for password policy are (1) # of characters, (2) include uppercase, (3) include number. I would like to request the addition at (4) “include non-alphanumeric/special characters” Also, but not critical, would be the option to (5) prevent using email address parts.


Good idea, I’ll add 4 today (5 is a little bit tricker as it depends on the email).


1)I found another increasingly important password policy element to be included is to not allow reuse of the last X passwords
2)Additional policy would be to enforce password change every X days (this one we can implement programmatically, although having this as an option would be significantly more convenient)

Any feedback about potential implementation of ‘1’?


Hello everyone i am wondering… How do we change password policy? is it condition ? plugin? what do i have to do to have minimum password requirement.

At a Bubble app level, you define a password policy on the Settings tab > General tab > Define a password policy.

Once you check the box, additional options will appear. More info below on what constraints you can apply.

Thank you @dan1 for fast response. I appreciate it

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