Most advanced PDF builder available on bubble

PDF Maker Pro by Ritz7 is the most advanced PDF builder available on Bubble at this point:

You can create any kind of PDF, including invoices, quotations, letters, or even larger PDFs with dynamic Images, Graphs, tables, etc. One of our beta testers was able to generate 86 pages of PDF using our plugin.

Try it out and let us know what you think about it. In case you need support, contact


Hi There,
Your demo has errors (104 errors)…
Can you take a look?

Hey Augusto,

Thanks for reaching out.

Since our plugins are linked to the demo page, as and when we keep updating the plugins with new functionality until we fix them, the app shows errors.

We will soon fix them all. Meanwhile, you can watch our detailed video tutorials for all our plugins.

PDF Maker Pro video tutorial:

If you need further support, feel free to contact us via email at