Most effecient way to add to list

Hey Bubblers.

Looking for a little help to speed up my personal project.

I have a list that I need to add items to when they are clicked on in a repeating group.

What would be the most effecient way to do so?

Currently if users are clicking to add them, it can lag behind, items can be missed, their actions aren’t instant and just make the app feel slow. It seems obvious that this is because it has to run a workflow when every item is clicked.

What would be the best way to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

How and where do you add/delete chosen items to a list?
Usually I’m using a custom state for it and don’t remember any notable lags.

I am currently using a data type as a place to store them all.

Users are creating a “thing”

This “thing” holds “items”. The items are added from their own option set as they contain information that doesn’t change. As ‘items’ are in the ‘thing’ I am calculating a total using the sum of all ‘items’ + an input and using a number / the sum of those two calculations.

Currently a user clicks on the ‘item’ and a workflow runs to add or remove it from the list.

I feel I’m missing a really simple fix (possible custom states).

So if we take an example where Thing = blog post and Item = tag, we can:

  1. Create a custom state “tags”, type = tags (option sets name), is a list
  2. As soon as tag is clicked - have a wf “custom state :plus item”. Second click on added tag? a wf “custom state :minus item”
  3. Ready to save all selected tags? WF to change a thing (Post), tags = list if tags from custom state.

This approach is relevant when you’d like to allow user to select a list of something before saving the whole list to DB.

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