Move Bubble data which is not in User table to a CRM Tool

Lovely people,

I have 2 tables in my database. One is User and the other is Survey. I want to move all data that exists in Survey also to CRM.

Currently I tried with Hubspot and it helps me sync the data in User table to Contacts in Hubspot.

How can I move that data which is in Survey Table ?

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Hey @asfandyarmalik92

I built a plugin for converting bubble data to JSON and extract data of a JSON and use it in your app.

I guess it can help you to solve your challenge

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Which plugin is it… i tried to check in your profile, but could not find.

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depends on CRM. You can just send it through the API with api workflows on a list or you can export all your data into csv or json and upload to most CRMs

Backend workflow with return data action allows you to export json, xml, or any other content type too.

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