Letting users 'bulk' upload their own contacts/records to their apps database

We are considering building our a CRM for our users, and typical CRM functionality is for users to bulk upload their existing database from their old CRM into the new CRM (ours).

Has anyone got experience doing this with Bubble? e.g. users would upload a file, then map the fields after the file has been uploaded to the bubble database fields - then click import.


@mathew2 did you ever find a solution to this?

Hi @3ddesignbros,

There are various solutions available, just keep in mind there are probably always a couple of conversion steps that need to be done, especally if you want to export the relationships (f.i. to which customer does an opportunity belong) between the various objects/tables from the old CRM and import them into Bubble.

There are various options to upload data into Bubble:

  1. Your best bet is probably a plugin like 1T CSV Uploader, one of Eli’s plugins. It allows your users to map the data from their CSV file to the format you require and upload the data.
  2. You can provide an API to your users, more information here: The API Connector - Bubble Docs.
  3. There is Bubble’s default Upload functionality which allows you to upload CSV files, this would be something you will have to do yourself because it is only accessible from the editor (see the button Upload in the right top side of tab Data - App data).
  4. Of course there is always the option to build custom upload functionality with Bubble and a bit of Javascript/Python/etc… I did this for one of my customers, it allows them to manually upload (or send a mail with an attachment) and map the file data to the required format using drag and drop.

There might be other options or plugins available but these are some options that Ive used in the past and that work quite well.

About conversion steps being needed, in case of the example of the customer and opportunity (and maintaining the relationship between them) that would for instance mean this:

  1. Export customer data from old CRM to CSV
  2. Upload customer data into Bubble
  3. Export customer data from Bubble
  4. Export opportunity data from old CRM
  5. Add Bubble customer identifier to opportunity data
  6. Upload opportunity data

That being said, your typical tech savvy (Excel vlookup anyone? :slight_smile: ) might just be able to do this with some of your guidance.

Hope this helps,

MVP Design