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Move popup to the right corner

Hi Bubblers,

I am creating a popup window in my app and I need the pop up to appear in the top right corner of the page. I am not able to move the popup from the center.

Even if I move, it still goes to the center. Please help me how can I move the popup to the top right corner?


did you try to use a floating group? (show / hide) It has very similar attributes and can be fixed to other locations than the middle?

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Thanks Safroman. It is working.

The only issue is Floating group needs to be exclusively closed by adding a new workflow setting when we click elsewhere. Where as a pop-up will be closed automatically when you press esc or click elsewhere.

But thanks again for the suggestion. That helped my requirement.


the focus group element is supposed to automatically disappear when the user clicks off of it.

you can also use conditions on the group such as making it hidden by default, and giving it a condition like “when I’m hovered” then “make me visible”. so that when the mouse moves outside the group disappears.

Hey @surendra.julury,

I would tackle this very similarly to what @blueback09 noted above. Focus and floating groups can be modified a bit to achieve what you’re looking for. Make use of conditional formatting parameters like is visible and isn’t hovered to accomplish your intended interaction. Even simple groups could replicate some of the aforementioned groups too so don’t be afraid to try some funky things out. :slight_smile:

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