Emulate Popup for a Floating Group

I want to make a popup just like what happens when you click your Google profile pic in the top right of Gmail, and then click anywhere else on the page to dismiss the popup. It doesn’t look like a popup in Bubble will work since they’re centered, so I created a Floating Group to the right of the page with a custom state that will display or hide the group based on clicking the profile pic, but it only dismisses with a click on the profile pic.

The next step would be, once the group is in the “yes” state of displayed, being able to click anywhere on the entire page to dismiss it, just like Gmail. Not sure if this is possible or if I’m on the right track with the floating group or not. Thanks for any help!

You want to use what’s called a Group Focus. It has a hybrid of the behavior of a popup and a floating group.

You might find this thread helpful to read.


Thanks! Will try it out and report back.

Wow! Just sat down to work through this and was surprised how quick it was to set up. Thanks again!

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Glad you were able to get things set up. Happy to help.


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