Moving Zapier and Bubble from dev to live deployment

Hello everyone!
So I am finishing up my first build on bubble for a client (yay!). I have a few zaps that are created but all tied into the development environment.

What is the best practice to move everything to live?
Should I create copies of those Zaps and simply switch “development” database to “live”?

Or just switch the existing zaps and stop the connection to dev?

I’m a little lost on how to do it. TIA!

Always switching from live to dev and vice versa would be super hassle.

Just create two connections. One for live and one for dev.

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Ok thanks, I’ll just copy and paste and change that one setting.

What we do is we have a workflow to set and persist the endpoint for Live or for Dev and then refer to that endpoint every time there is an API call. That way your test version will always use the test API and your live version will always use the Live API.