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Cant see Live App Version on Zapier

I am trying to activate a zap, but I can only select Dev app version in Zapier. Anything I am missing? App is already live

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Currently have the same issue. Ever figure out a fix for this?

Are uou trying to make a POST in Bubble thru Zapier?

I’ve done this before with another app, but remember having an issue with the Live version displaying on Zapier.

Basically, in my app, I have a user click submit and it creates a record on AirTable. Then if they do something later in the app, say click a button, I want to trigger a Zap to update something on their AirTable record. I know exactly how to do the Zap, I just can’t get the Live App Version to show :frowning:

Essentially, the Zap would be:
Bubble (New Workflow Trigger Event) → AirTable (Search for Record, when I create the record on AirTable, I add the Bubble ID so it’s able to find the record I want) → AirTable (Modify Record).

Did anybody have any joy with this?
I’m experiencing the same issue re: Development Version is not transitioning to Live.
@ken and @nomadinseoul I just spotted you on another thread with the same problem.
Did Bubble manage to resolve the issue?

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Same here. Makes me think that the new Zapier integration isn’t quite baked. Seems to work fine in Dev, but then going to Live it craps out. You can make it work temporarily by recycling it, but it doesn’t seem to last.

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