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Mp3 player and FaceBook user details gathering


My first question is, how to get the MP3s to play automatically rather than having the user clicking on each play buttons when you have multiple mp3 players in one page.

My next question is:
How to gather the emails of all the people who log in the app via facebook? I would like to use those details for external newsletters like mailchimp.

Thank you

  1. You can use this option that will auto start the player.

  2. you can access the current user’s facebook’s email and that will be there.

Thank you Emmanuel for the reply.
I am not sure I understood the second answer, could you please clarify what shall I access in the app to get the user’s emails?

Thank you so much

Just build the expression Current user’s facebook’s profile picture (for instance). Have you done the lesson about facebook at that’s the first step.

Hi Emmanuel,

My apology, I have not asked my question correctly. Yes I have done all that part, the FaceBook login is working and the user profile picture, name and surname are shown in the app. What I was asking was, how to take those details and keep them in an database. My aim is to use those details to send to those users newsletters.

Thank you.

Just make a change to user and save the data in a field on the user object.

thank you.

Hi Emmanuel,

I believe you misunderstood my question regarding the MP3 player. I am looking at having the players playing one after the other without having the need to press on “play each time” (like a playlist).


Play button 1

Play button 2

Play button 3

By pressing button 1, the music 1 starts, then automatically at the end of music 1, the player 2 starts.

Has Bubble any kind of allowed logic to create this?

Thank you.

No we don’t support this yet.