Mult-tenancy saas or sudo saas support


New to bubble trying to ascertain whether it has the ability to prototype a multi-tenancy (Saas) app. After reading through the documentation and community it is clear that a solution is to subscribe to a “Team” subscription to allow for sub apps, but this is using multiple databases and not what I want to do.

Is there a process that has been defined some where that defines how you correctly set up the Mult-tenancy app workflow from the beginning using the one app. Or, is Bubble not really designed for anything other than sub apps as a method to set up saas apps?

I have read through the discussions and options, but it really is not clear what the correct process would be to ensure the core of the application is set up correctly for a single database multi-tenancy app or if it is actually possible?

Thanks in advance!



I’m not technical and have been struggling to find the language to describe, this very question. Yet here it is, exactly how I want to pose it. Down side is… After 3 years, it’s still an open question without an answer. Anyone?

Same here, need some solution.

This might help

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