Using bubble as data management system

Greeting and I apologize if my English is a bit hard to understand as English is not my native language.

I am interested to use bubble for my web apps project but since there is a learning curve to it and I need to invest decent amount of time into, I need to know if what I want to build is suitable to be build on bubble or not.

The web app that I am trying to build is a system that manage data submitted by user. The parameters of data range from Name, Address, mobile number, basic arithmetic and etc. Each user will access their own data and be able to edit, add or change their data. There will be anywhere from 100-1000 user and each user will have a few hundreds of entries. In addition I need perfect data backup.

I tried to find something similar to what I am trying to build but it was to no vail.

thank you for your time.

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Hi there,

Just to encourage you, I have built several SaaS businesses that allow users to log in, handle all kinds of personal data, store personal and secure information and so forth. Additionally I’ve built Admin management dashboards for each that allow myself (and others) to manage our user base in every way imaginable. Bubble has been fantastic for it.


Hello @underhill.dan

I would like to know whether you use sub apps to develop Saas business and if not really appraciate if you can share what will the best procedure to build Multi-tenancy application on bubble.

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I’m a long time programmer of apps going back to the earliest days of Flash so I’ve touched on a lot of ways to design and program apps. Recently I’ve switched over to learning and using Bubble and have completely rebuilt an old SaaS system of mine 100% within Bubble. I’ve also used some the available plug ins but relied solely on Bubble for web site, the app portion and the Admin dashboard.

I’m not sure what you mean by multi-tenancy application but I’d be happy to chat and give you my advice based on what I’ve been doing with my apps.


Thank you very much for your help. Actually, A user in my application should be able to create their own workspace and other users also can join if they are permitted. That one work space is a one tenant. However, I was able to find few ways to do this so I will ping you if I get any issues. much appreciate your response.

Thank you for your feedback, knowing that what I am trying to accomplish is possible with bubble is a great assurance. If you can point to toward resources that would be helpful in my quest to develop my web apps that would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, I will begin my quest with bubble academy first.

Thank you.

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Honestly, my resources for learning were scrubbing through the Forum here, asking questions and hitting YouTube pretty heavy. Through all of that I’ve found most all of the answers I needed to help move me to the next level of understanding. Feel free to PM me if you need.