Multi Dropdown > Set List is not working


i have a multi dropdown with 10 options. I want to store a selection of N items on change of value. I can’t use ADD because it can also be a shorter list again.

Set List should do this. Always update the last selection in my DB? What am im doing wrong? Is there another feature to store last selection?



Thanks for checking in! Are you encountering any unexpected behaviors with “Set list”? It may be possible to use that to update a list field in your database; here’s an example of what this might look like. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

It works now with “Set List + Unique items” without unique it does not work…

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Glad to hear this is working for you now! ":unique elements" removes duplicates from a list, so that can be helpful if you have several options with the same value that are being added to the list