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Multiselect dropdown does not save a list

Hello, how is everything? I have a problem with the Multiselect dropdown I put to save the items that are inside it, but it’s not saving as a list. As the images show, can someone help me?

This video is showing the bug

This is not a bug. You should ADD instead of add list. Change the add to add list and it will work :wink:

It’s a Bug, I’ve already reported it to Bubble and they’re seeing how to fix it. Please check if you do the same, get the Multiselect dropdown, put it to save first with set list, then change it to just add and then change it back to set list, it stops working

Agian, you need to use ADD LIST
not just add. Add it’s for one item


I think that your bug is more related to switching from one setting to another one (set list to add). But add itself is working correctly, set list too, and probably add list too.
I’ve tested all three one my side no issue. Tested also switching from one to another (from set list to add to set list). When I switch back to set list, it tell me in debugger that the multidropdown value is text. I needed to delete and resent this part again to remove the error from debugger.

So I agree that this part have some issue :wink:

Thank you so much for helping, but the question is not whether I should save with add list or set list, but a bug with which the multidropdown element stops working properly. I made a video here showing you the bug.

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