How limit maximum files chosen?

I have a multi-file upload, and I want to limit the user to select only 6 files to upload at a time, how can I do this?
Seems to use jquery? I don’t know any js tricks…hope somebody can help.

Could you please to show your current multi uploader UI and its workflow?

sure.This is it.

Hi again! You can use this multi file uploader - it allows you to limit the number of files and it’s types

Thanks for advice. I tried this plugin, it can’t be used as I want though it has this function.
I have pick the best multiple uploader but now just lack of limiting chosen files.

Hi again,

So I assume you’re using plugin as multi uploader. I don’t think it’s doable unless you could fork and modify its plugin. My advice is just build it natively using RG, so you can limit up to 6 files using workflow.

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Thanks for your advice and I have contacted with the author of the plugin.
I will make this function with his paid customization.

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