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Multi language dictionary


Many probably face at some point the challenge of supporting multiple language in a bubble app.

I know this is a topic that has been discussed already and some expensive options exist (plus I have no dev experience) but I would like to throw a proposition.

Would it be possible to allow
i) extending the existing setting/language dictionary with ‘app editor’ defined expressions that would be given an id/reference
ii) assign a language at user level and app level
iii) allow dynamic content to get a given expression for the logged user language, or app language if the user is not logged

This (awesome) way it would be possible to simply handle translations in a dictionary table.

Thanks for the incredible work!

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You could have a look at how Contentful solves multi language content using “locales”.

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Thanks, this looks more affordable.

Naive question: Can it hurt the performance to use REST APIs for every language content ?


There will no doubt be an impact but it looks like all languages come back on every call.

You could maybe set up something similar on bubble.