Multible languages (2 at least) & Translation of Content

Hey Bubble Community,

within my Web App, I have content that the user inputs in German,
and It will be shown to other users. But these users mostly speak English.
Is there any good way to translate the content for the users?

When I was working with wix, there was this possibility that the natural language of the user will be detected automatically and the content will be shown in the Language the User usually works with.

What is the best was to

  1. Translate the content from German to English / display the content in either langugae
  2. Is there any possibility(plugin) to have the static content of the Plattform in 2 languages so the user can select, which language he prefers?

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You can read how this works here:

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Hi @dev17 ,

I use this script to determine browser language and then show them one or the other. I also add a dropdown on the footer to allow user to change language. Once user has logged in I save language in the database. I still have to add option for logged in user to change language in settings. I use the Bubble language tab (Link that @cmarchan added) to show language A or B.

Here is the script and if you want to see a working example you can visit my app (



Thank you so much!!!
This is just great !!

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Nice site!

Thanks for the feedback @dev17 and @cmarchan!

I made a mistake explaining how I added the language during login. What I in fact did is add the language in the database on user signup. When the user logs in I show the app in the language saved in the database. I then need to add an option in the future for users to change their language in settings tab. Hope that explains it better.


Hey Together,

thank you very much for those Advices. I looked into it.
My app displays content from both ends of the users. That means some users write in German, and it will be displayed to other customers that cannot speak German. Just English. Using App text, i can configurate 2 languages for the static content.

BUT and thats a hard one. How Am I translating the user generated content automatacally. When somebody writes sth in german and I will display this content to a different page. I cannot create an App text out of the content of a user. Therefore I won´t be abple to translate that.

Any solution for this problem?

kidn regards


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I suggest you explore sending that content to a translation api.

Perhaps exploring Google’s may be useful:

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