Multi Level Hierarchy - Formatting

Newbie here so hoping someone is able to help!!

I have created a 3 level heirarchy to store my product category information. Like a menu tree on a website e.g.

L1 - Makeup
L2 - Face Makeup
L3 - Bronzers

With the help of this post - Help Creating Dynamic Hierarchy and 's answer I have managed to create the parent child relationships and visually display the information but I am struggling with being able to show the third layer of the hierarchy properly; they currently all sit under the bottom L2.

I have checked and the data relationship is fine. It is just the display that isn’t working:

In this example dog and cat should fall under Time.

App editor to view is here - Brandspim | Bubble Editor

Thanks in advance…

Managed to fix it but now I have a very annoying problem of an icon not playing ball and not lining up with the test…any ideas anyone?

Here is the backend: