Help on tree list display

Hi guys, hope can someone help me on this, because is driving me crazy
I fill up a form, save it and then gets displayed in a Display List (Repeating Group)
What I am trying to achieve is:

  1. Everything to get display under the proper grouping (like a TREE LIST)
     I have used the group by: option but doesn't show properly.

  1. I also want by clicking the Menu Item on the DISPALY LIST to be displayed back in the FORM
    I have created a workflow for this by clicking the Menu Item
    Here’s a link to my app
    I appreciate your help. Thank you

Do you have a fixed number of levels this could go or is it completely dynamic and for any given tree, you wouldn’t ever know what a maximum number of branches is?

Hi my friend. Thank you you for trying to help.
I am not sure I understand the question.
The tree branches will be always 4 levels (Restaurant, Menu Type, Menu Category and Menu Item.
The app is for multiple companies so everything will be dynamic.
Lets say one company will be a hotel which has 20 different restaurants, bars, clubs, pool bars etc. Hope its more clear now

I would recommend putting together nested repeating groups then. You would need four repeating groups nested together.

This is what I have done. Please look at my editor if you got the time
Thank you

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