[New Feature] Revamped File Manager & Bulk File Deletion

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce an update to the File Manager section of the Editor. In addition to giving it a cleaner new look, we’re rolling out a much-requested piece of new functionality: the ability to select and delete multiple files at once.

You’ll be able to pick files to delete individually, or clean them up a page (or a whole search!) at a time. If you’ve been putting off clearing out your files up till now, we hope this change will make your spring cleaning much simpler and easier.


Great, thanks :slight_smile: :computer:

Great to have functionality.

Is there a workflow action for delete a list of uploaded files?


HAAAA Finally! Thanks a lot!
One thing: Could you add filter like Created date (from / to)



omg!! YES! thank you @shaylew !

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Great feature! Time to cleanup. :slight_smile:

Added: no delete files action.


OML… there’s even an action- you’re right time for some spring cleaning! :blush: :joy:

Jk… on scheduled releases so gonna see this tomorrow morning lol


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FINALLY! Thank you @shaylew


Hey, @JohnMark,

I can’t find this action, where did you find it?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Oh Yeeeessssss!!! Many thanks!!

@shaylew thanks for the update and this much needed feature. Any chance we might get a file manager feature to help with cleaning up “orphaned” private files (i.e. files that were uploaded as private but that are no longer attached to anything, which could occur for a variety of legitimate reasons)? Even adding the ability to sort by the “Attached To” column would be a big help.


@JohnMark thanks for showcasing that as a possibility…I also can’t find it

I looked where I’d expect it to be which would be where the delete uploaded file (singular) is but it is not there and don’t see a checkbox on it to turn it into a list

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 1.01.37 PM Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 12.59.58 PM

Settings in the app would imply the release would have been updated automatically

@shaylew do we need to do anything to access the new delete uploaded files action?

Just deleted 6000+ files saving me at least 18000 clicks. New app storage 0mb.

Thanks @shaylew

Please add search by date and search by user
criteria actions as well.


I’m sure gonna kick myself but like @hacker the life of me I cannot find her you initiate this… Any chance of a reveal?

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I did it manually.
Searched the file by name.
In my case everything was named the same. Selected all.
Deleted all.

thanks for the reply… i should have been more explicit i was hoping someone could explain how to get this [New Feature] Revamped File Manager & Bulk File Deletion - #7 by JohnMark by @JohnMark



I think this is only an editor side feature, which means you can now delete multiple files at once on your end as an editor by going to the “Data tab” and “File Manager” subtab.
On the rendering side, I don’t think the update allows you to add any workflow to let your users delete multiple files at once.


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Thank you!!!

Massive time saver this, glad its finally come to fruition!