Multi tenancy support & 50,000 concurrent users in

Hi everyone! I want to ask some questions:-

  1. Is Bubble capable of effectively supporting multi-tenancy, such as building software that caters to multiple companies?

  2. Can Bubble applications support approximately 50,000 concurrent users or active sessions? If so, which pricing plan would be suitable for this capacity ?

Many user has ask this question. If you have budget for deployment as large as 50k con user.
You shouldnt be worry.

Imagine all concurrent user on bubble now. is way more than you can imagine.
is all down to the Plan you signup, even enterprise plan.

Workflow design.
How you design workflow, and what are the require workflow are much more important than concurrent user.

  • i can built something that affort 500 concurrent user on basic plan
  • i also can build something that street out basic plan with just 20 concurrent user.

Give you an important KEY. How you design your Database, and how you use it was the key.
infact, bubble may not happy to hear this. you can always only do logic, frontend on bubble but database somewhere else.


@zhihong0321 what about multi tenancy support? I heard that it supports SaaS.

Hi @jawedjunaid963 ,

  1. Yes, definitely. Bubble is specificallly suited for multi-tenancy and SaaS solutions. An example, Privacy rules (Bubble’s functionality to limit who can see what) can easily be configured to prevent users from seeing a data type (table), row or even column:
  • Technically it is possible to build an app for company A and a completely different app for company B all within the same Bubble app/plan (whether it is smart to do this is another question :slight_smile: ).
  • Or more pragmatic, you can create a column Company to limit visibility of rows. Company A will not be able to see the data of company B (same for department, user or any other parameter you want to use to limit visibility).
  1. Yes, for example Beelango, 300.000 users and counting.


In a university app there are 50,000 students who are giving an exam at a same time. Also the students must be from other university. Is it possible that 50,000 users per day will be managed at a same time? Which bubble plan will be suitable for this type of project? Is it possible to manage all the users in one day?

Hi Jawed, the Bubble plan required for your app is a bit unclear because of the new pricing model based on the workload metric. It is probably best to contact Sales about that.

from my POV

  • multi-tenancy is just a software approach.

My experience,
you need to design something that gauge/limit each SaaS User “workload” burden to your account.

SaaS | User | User’s User

  • i have a QR Menu App, is multi tenancy.
  • restaurant were my client
  • restaurant have their diners
  • there are restaurant utilize more system resource than other restaurant ( peak hour )

How i limit them?
Certain portion of my fee based on Order Generated. So it was fair to all user.

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