Will bubble be the right platform for my business?

Hi all,

I’m in the process of learning bubble and trying to figure out if it will be the right platform for my business idea/venture…

I am beginning to think that it might be able to create what I need (albeit with some custom plugins perhaps…) but i don’t know if the pricing and database structure will work. So i need to figure that out first before spending oodles amounts of time learning and creating.

The guys on the support email suggested i see if anyone here has some thoughts or ideas.

Basically what i ultimately need is this:

  • A bubble app that can have up to say 30+ ‘clients’ (each client is a different business)
  • Each client would then have an average of 50 ‘users’ (these would be users of the bubble app)
  • Each client would need to have separate virtual databases so there was no way they could access other clients data.

Any thoughts on how this might be handled?

Ideally i would use the main-app and sub-app system, but not sure if they all run of the same database.

I would be fine if i had to create a copy of the app for each client, PITA but not a deal breaker.

Help would be appreciated so i can figure out if bubble with be worth investing in…


Can bubble create an app which has multiple groups of users accessing separate copies of their own databases

Ok… so i think i missed until now, that the Bubble accounts/plans are on a per app basis.

It seems the easiest (and most expensive) way would be to create the app, and then sign each ‘client’ up to a professional plan at ~$115 p/m.

Does that sound right?

There might also be a better way using the Production plan and using Main/Sub apps. Anyone with thoughts on that or even the dedicated plans?


Hello, I think you just want to create one app right? not apps for others…

You can set privacy rules to protect data however you want, you don’t need extra database/apps for that… Sub apps will be expensive for you, they targeted towards agencies who build apps for clients. (I am on bubble legacy plan it says teams in my editor but i’m presuming it’s now the agency plan). Also you would need purchase the plugins multiple times iirc.

You will have a datatype of Client, with field type list of users where you can set the admins. How much capacity you need is not determined by your user count, its how active the users are, the types of workflows you run etc (it’s very hard to calculate). Bubble will let you scale your application up or down in terms of cost/capacity.

You can start with bubble for free and build great things on the free plan. I suggest you take some time to learn the platform, see how convenient and powerful it is, for me it’s well worth the money.

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Yes, just creating the one app. It will become my primary business.

I’ll look into the privacy rules, that may work. thankyou

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Sounds like a perfect use case for a single Bubble app. As mentioned above you will want to make sure you structure your Database well and also set Privacy Rules to ensure no data gets mixed up between companies. But this completely doable and at a similar scale to my own app which runs well on a Professional plan


Thanks for the responses people. It’s getting exciting to think i may have found the right RAD platform that may meet my needs. God knows i’ve tried almost every other one i could find.

It’s beginning to seem the community here will be the real difference…

Bubble is different than the others. I’ve built on Zoho Creator, Knack, and Airtable and they all had really great potential but each time I ran into limitations that were insurmountable. So far, each time I’ve come up against a limitation in Bubble there are so many options (API connector, plugins, etc) that I’ve been able to find a way to get past the issue.

This community is awesome! Stay active, ask questions, watch the videos available on Youtube and you’ll be able to turn the app you described above into a top-notch reality.

Best of luck!


Bubble almost tricks you into becoming a real developer, but in a good way, and the community is a big factor in helping that.

With the amount of time I have put into Bubble, I could be pretty damn good in traditional development languages. BUT I wouldn’t have the profitable bootstrapped saas business that Bubble has enabled me to build along the way.

For an app that fits into Bubble’s wheelhouse, I definitely recommend pursuing it. And to speed up your learning I recommend 1-5 sessions with a Bubble expert (just look for individuals who answer questions in the forum). A few dollars upfront to save yourself months of trial and error, or simply confirming that your idea is ideal for Bubble, is invaluable in the long run