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I am just learning how to use bubble watching various videos etc and reading Documents and keen to get Stuck in but want to ask a question about the best way to setup users who have multi roles and different access levels.

What I want is to setup an app that will have registration setup for organisations and individuals

Essentially I am making a permit to work app so I need a organisation login

Organisation login, they will be bill payers based on number of documents they write

Within the orginasation we will have an admin user who will accept and invite other users these being both colleagues and contractors.

We will want staff to have different levels such as

Different levels of authority to sign of different permits, we have ten permits and depending on training certain people can sign off all or a variety of permits

We will have staff who can raise different permit requests based on what they are qualified to do, these will then be authorised by the above.

Some staff will be able to both raise and authorise work permits so need a way to do this

We will then have contractors who will need restricted access to a lot of features, but the ability to raise work permit requests to the organisation.

Also thinking down the line contractors Might also want to be an organisation and have their own sites to use the permit system so some sort of organisation level for Themselves to issue permits on both there own sites and to customer sites.

Some contractors might have several organisations they work for who could potentially use this system so the ability to be a contractor for several organisations and raise work permits for each customer depending where they are working.

How would you set this up? How would you have the users login? Per organisation? As an individual? Etc? How would they link up organisations, employees, and contractors and differentiate between the all seen as Some users could be all three depending on where they are working?

Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.


Hi :wave:t2:

Exists various ways to do that, but one that you can try is creating a Option set called “Role” and
then in the User add a field called “Role” and will be that Option Set that you created.

The Options of that Option Set can be for example:

App Owner, Admin, Employee, Contractor ,etc.

Then, to the option set “Roles”, you can Create a New Attribute.

Can be numbers, text, other Option sets that you’ve created before, etc. (Also can be a list of them).


For example if you set an attribute called “allowed actions” > list of texts > Add, Edit, View, Delete.

And for the documents that employees can sign, you can create another attribute of texts but with the name or an ID that you will use for each document.

For the permission 1-10 Level, you can set that attribute as a number.

Or also set more Options Sets with their own attributes, based in the Company department, or whatever you want.

Then for each role, you can add only the allowed actions and the permission level for employees.

After that, you can create conditions to only run workflows based if the permission level is greater than 7, or if the user’s Role’s list of allowed actions contains “Add”, etc.

Or Set enabled or visible information, groups, buttons, etc.

(For the Data Privacy Settings, you can also user that options sets).

There is a lot of more ideas to apply or advanced ways, but I believe that is an easy way to begin.



Hi Juan

Thank you for your detailed explanation, I appreciate you spending the time to help me, I will have a play shortly with this and let you know how I get on

Once again many thanks


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Hi, you’re welcome. :smiley:

I’m Glad to hear that.



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