Multidropdown doesn't show the data, how to solve it?

If I inspect the multidropdown, it contains data but does not display it to the user.

If I enter the data manually it works, however, when I bring this data from the database it does not appear.

How it should look:

Data is being loaded into the workflow when the page loads.

When the page loads, the data should appear like this:
Here is the project link: exemple | Bubble Editor

Have you tried setting the expression you’re using to set state on page load directly in the place of conditional default value?

Yes, but it doesn’t work.

Remember that I can’t change the choices styles to dynamic, because I need the user to still be able to insert or remove elements.

You don’t have any Choices in the Dropdown… so of course, nothing will display in it.

You’re supposed to have some choices first

Hi there,

I took a look at your editor, and noticed 2 things, the first of which was mentioned by others already:

  1. You have choices set to Static, but didnt populate what those choices should be. Static means you are giving this a fixed list to choose from, as opposed to pulling a list feom a datatype or Option Set. With Static, you’ll need to list all choices here:


  1. You have some circular reasoning on your Condition:

I can’t insert dynamic data in this area.

And if I change it to dynamic, the user won’t be able to insert items.

I need the user to be able to insert or remove elements.

I want it to work that way:

I need the multidropdown to load the data and allow the user to add new elements or remove existing ones.

So the ‘Choices’ you set will not be what shows up for you Users - it defines the list the users will choose from when they use the Multidropdown.
Default Value is where you set what to show.

So if your Choices are an Option Set of colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow), and each User chooses their favorite colors from these in the Multidropdown, and you saved those values to User under a field called ‘Colors’, your Default Value would be Current User’s Colors.

Now when a user loads the page, it’ll pre-popluate the Multidropdown with their alteady chosen favorite colors from last time.

Does that help point you in the right direction?

I’m creating a product register with variations, where the user defines the name of the variation and which items it will have.

When the user edits the product, either to add a new color, for example, or to remove it, I need this information, which was saved in the database when he registered his product, to be loaded and displayed to him exactly the way he registered it, and also allow him to change it, since he is on the product editing screen.

However, doesn’t allow me to insert dynamic data into choices.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Bubble absolutely allows that Dynamic data, either from the database, or an Option Set. I think what you’re missing is the Default Value, which is where you point the User’s variations to that field. Where are you currently storing the user’s variations? And how are they setting those (or getting set?)

I think if I understand correctly, each user only has a specific list of options, correct? Not the whole list? In that case you could still point the data set on the user as the list of options - I’m not in front of my computer right now but you may have to do some Filtered:Advanced to get there but I think that’s how it would be done.


I cannot use dynamic choices, because in this case it is not possible for the user to add new items.

I know you mentioned that before, but admittedly I’m not sure I fully understand your use case.

Do you mind walking through exactly how the user will be interacting with their data, the multidropdown, what the multidropdown contains, etc? It’ll be easier to see what you’re looking to do and hopefully troubleshoot a solution :slight_smile:

First the user will register their products, these products have variations, for example: color and size. This is individual to each product, one product may have 3 colors, another 10 colors.

The product can have other variations defined by the user that aren’t necessarily color and size.

However, these same inputs will be used later to update the product, if the user forgot, for example, to insert two colors in his product, he will click on edit product and will need to view his product like this:

I’m going to record a video to demonstrate.