Show input through multidropdown selection

I have a multidropwon element that has dynamic values from my database. I would like an input field to appear when the user selects the Others option. I’ve already tried with the contais option, using arbitrary text and I still can’t show the input. can anybody help me?

Turn it around and use “is in”

Is there this option in the conditional part of the elements?

it is an operator

the logic suggested by my comment is to write a conditional expression where you are looking to see if a single option is in a list of options

how this specifically would be implemented in your app depends on how you built things to work

@lara… I just did a quick test with the multidropdown options defined via an option set, and one of the options is Other. A simple condition on the input element that makes the input visible when Multidropdown A's value contains Other works as expected (that is, the input element is displayed when Other is selected in the multidropdown). So, if it’s not working for you, share some screenshots of your setup because it should work.

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