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Multidropdown search

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m still a beginner using Bubble.

I’m trying to create a page that filter differents objets.

In my database, I have 2 differents types :

  • The first one is “Products” with a field called “tags”, which is a list of “Tag”
  • The second one is “Tag” with a field “Name”, which is a text.

I tried differents ways to do it. I succeed using a basic input and a dropdown to filter the products. But then i ask to myself “How can I allow the user to entry more than one value to filter the differents products ?”

So I tried a new way, using multidropdown input. So here are the 3 selectable values in the MDD :
Bubble screen 1

It works with one value, but if I choose multiples values, nothing appear in the repeating group
Bubble screen 2

So I went into my repeating group to find a way to use all the data selected in the MDD but I don’t figure out how to do it.
If i ask the RG to simple get the value on the MDD, the formula is red :
bubble screenshoot 3
The problem may be that the MDD return a list of selected elements at once while my DT “Tag” is table of data with one value per line.

I tried to ask Bubble to compare each selected elements of the MDD to the DT “Tag”, but I don’t how to do it.

Any help at all would be a huge help !

Try is in instead of contains

Hi EliteDataEngineer,

I onl have 4 options, and “Is in” is not one of them
Bubble Screenshot5

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