Multidropdown Should not be Empty

Why cant i have a “Should not be Empty” in a Multidropdown?


I need this as well.

Maybe if there’s a button like “Save” you can try this:

And in the Save workflow you can set only when multidropdown isn’t empty:

So when someone tries to continue has to press Save button and for press save button you force them to select something on the multidropdown.



how would the user know what the problem is?

You would need to create an Alert if the field is empty to tell the user that the field must be entered.

so should i create another event “when button saved is clicked” with condition “only when dropdown is empty” action: show alert?

Hey @cheskiefisch hope my solution is working for you.

In your case i would do this:

Create a text and make it not visible when load like this:

And go to workflow editor and create new workflow for the same button but in this case we choose the opposite condition:

And we make visible the text that shows: You must select a option. And for more visual impact i suggest you to apply “Shake” effect to Multidropdown like this:

And this is the result:


NICE job!

But i see in the manual they talk about the “an unhandled error occurs” and the “an element has an error running a workflow” events.

Are’nt those for these situations, i’m trying to understand how and when to use it, and the difference of those 2

I think those events are for another situations (im not sure 100%) but i think its for the case:

You press pay button, so you connect with stripe api, but if the connection fails maybe you can use those kind of events.

Im pretty sure are not for logic problems like this one.

Anyway i suggest you to open a new thread with those two questions and maybe a mod could explain you better.


thanks, how do u do those animated snapshots? what software are u using?

Its a very usefull windows app. Sharex.

You can make screenshots with only a click and auto-uploads the img & you can record videos / gifs from your pc.

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