Multidropdown style

Hello all,

I use a login form inside my app, trying to add a multidropdown but i’m facing some issues trying to work on the style part.

When i change the multidropdown font to match the other inputs of the form it is not applied to the placeholder but only to the selected values.
For the border color i Don’t manage to change it, seems having no effect.

Any ideas?

Any idea?

Try maybe adding CSS to it?


@emmanuel any updates on this? Several years later this is still a problem, but the way I am experiencing the issue, is once a selection is made, the style does not match what I have set it to be.

Same problem here. The multidropdown doesn’t honor any conditional styling I apply to it. I’m trying to change the font color to white when my user’s dark mode is set to “yes”, but it has no effect.