Monthly Hackathon Request: Please make Search, Dropdown, and Multi Dropdown have consistent styles

I really don’t want to download a plugin just to style the drop downs.

Currently even with CSS I can’t apply styles to them. Not sure why border-radius CSS for example is not being enforced. The following fixes are needed:

  1. Border radius to be applied
  2. Placeholder colour able to be hex instead of ‘grey’
  3. Horizontal padding able to be applied
  4. Font weight to be applied (currently eg. poppins 600 is applied as regular font with no font weight possible)

Currently none of the above are enforced even though I can see border-radius for example showing in the dev tools.


I second this…and sure all those who have posted bugs about it recently would as well.

Yep! Would also request the ‘current option’ be part of the dynamic style source for multidropdown. It would allow then for different colours per item in the drop-down list making it better suited for stuff like tags.

Omg yes please, this drives me insane! I get all these nice layouts going all matching up, and then I add a multi dropdown and it doesn’t match anything and I have to tweak padding and what not to try and get it somewhat close. The placeholder colour is a big one as well that is annoying as it never matches the rest of the app.