Multiline input with only the bulletpoints option


I’m making an app where the users can make an add. But i don’t want them to make the text bold or other text edits. I only want plain text and a bullet list. Is this possible?


Hey @goduurzaam :wave:

I believe you can add CSS on the screen to remove some of the other options and only display the list option. You can also use a plugin that already has that included in their options. There are a few out there, I would recommend trying a few of them out to see which one fits your needs best. Search for Rich Text in the plugins page to see some options like this one: Customizable Rich Text Editor Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps. :blush:

Hey, thanks for your response!

The problem i’m facing with the plugins, is that i can’t limit them with only bulletpoints. I only want to give the user the option for bulletpoints and nothing else.

Could you make them add a list separately using just normal inputs? I’m not sure what your ultimate goal is here. :blush::man_shrugging: