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Multiple answers needed. Bubble Site Speed Issue

Hey Bubble Forum! Please share your thoughts!

We are currently facing a site speed issue. It is very low and we are suspecting that our SEO might not work very well. Especially on the PageSpeed Insight (by Google)

I did some digging, I couldn’t find anything conrete. We try to keep our code clean as much as we can and our URLs are also very clean.

Yet we face this issue, I have done some digging around the forum but couldn’t find anything concrete.

There are some useful threads I will mention them here.
First important thread | Second important thread

Did you face this issue?
If yes, how did you solve it?
If yes, what is your app about?
If it’s a known issue is Bubble doing something about it?
Also I checked ZeroCode which is an amazing platform but it is very low.

So I am opening this thread for answers and inputs.

Thanks all
Ali Imran

there’s a lot of topic about speed, about tester like this one and there’s also a performance guide.
I think you should first read all of that and you should find a lot of answers

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I think you forgot to reply

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