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Multiple checkbox filter of repeating group

I’ve build a workflow that filters and displays the items of a repeating group, depending on several checkbox inputs, and a text input.
Despite the fact that “issues” are identified by bubble, the formulas work in development mode and live mode.

for example of one of the checkbox criteria filter:
s_1.placement = Checkbox Placement financiers is checked or RepeatingGroup Société’s List of Sociétés’s s_1.placement is “yes”
s_1.placement is a field of Société data type (bolean)
RepeatingGroup Société is a repeating group displaying the list of Sociétés matching the filter
Checkbox Placement financier is a checkbox allowing to filter the Sociétés

It is difficult to see what is going on there.

Could you either make your app public, or add something to the forum app ?


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Here’s the link to what i’m trying to do; which works, but with issues.

I assume that you need to filter the repeating group according to the value of check box.

incase my assumption is right then you need to create the value as Yes/no for the checkboxes and need to do the workflow as shown.

I have done few changes to your sample application. please check if thats what you were expecting. If not kindly revert back the changes.

Not sure you really need custom states or workflows to make it work, so this …

…might be a simpler solution.


Thanks @NigelG .

This Actually makes sense with simpler solution

Thanks. I’ve used this set state solution, because in fact my checkbox filter is meant to always show the results having the criteria beeing true/“yes”. I’ve set the value to “empty” in case the checkbox is empty.

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Hi @NigelG, the actual link :

I will like to see, thanks.

Sadly the original app has been removed, it wasn’t one of mine.

This may be similar ?

Let me know if now and I will add.

Didn’t realized it was a 2 months ago post… ok, thanks

Hi, @NigelG . I was wondering if you could please help me to do this exact same thing but when the checkboxes are in a different page. I guess that I would have to send them as URL parameters the the repeating group’s page but how can I then get those parameters from the URL in a way that is accepted by the repeating group?

I mean, how can I say to the repeating group “search for companies with the criterias that are on the URL parameters”?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


In the Repeating group constraints, click on Dynamic data - Get data from URL - Put the parameter name


Hey Sharma.

Is there any way to use multiple parameters - Example - i want to see both Samsung and Apple in my results? I cant figure out how to do this.

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