Multiple Checkbox Filters for Repeating Group

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I am having a bit of an issue applying multiple filters to my repeating Group. I know there are quite a few posts about this, however I cant seem to figure out how to apply it to my own application.

So basically I have a data type “hospitals” which contains multiple field such as name, adress, phone number, url etc. There are also 13 fields which are of type boolean such as “garden” “gym” “single rooms” . So basically defining wether a certain hospital has a gym: Yes or No.

I have built a search site where users can enter an adress and then are displayed a list of all the hospitals in this area displayed in a repeating group. Next to it are checkboxes for the user to filter wether or not they would like hospitals being displayed that have a garden, gym etc. (As mentioned above)
*My application is German

What I am struggling to do is to filter the results displayed in the repeating groups according to which checkbox is checked. I have tried using a conditional statement, but this doesnt work as well as I would have to write 100s of different conditional statements to cover all the different combinations of applied filters.

Looking forward to your replies.

Hi @nl.lorenz

You should reference those checkboxes / dropdowns (whatever you have used for filtering) inside of your search for for that repeating group.

When you open your window for repeating group inside the editor and press search for new small window pops up and there you can add as many filters as you want. Just make sure your pointing proper elements and this should do the work :slight_smile:


You might be helped by this video. Yes, zillions of yes/no’s can get impossible to manage. Here’s a solution: this video is about Vacation rental amenities, but that’s exactly analogous to what you’re doing.

Read the original thread, too.