Multi-Filter Repeating Group With Checkboxes

Hi there,

I have 7 yes/no fields in a data type “Business”. One for Monday through Sunday. I also have a field with the business name. These represent workdays where ‘yes’ is working and ‘no’ is not working. This data is pre-populated.

In my design I have a repeating group with type of content “Business” and data source “Search for Business”. Then i have a text element in each cell displaying the current cells business name. The repeating group displays all the business names as it should.

What I want to be done is to filter this repeating group by day of the week using Checkboxes. So I have 7 checkboxes, for Monday through Sunday. What I want is, for example Checkbox Monday and Checkbox Tuesday is checked, I want the repeating group to only display the business names who’s data is a yes for Monday or a Yes for Tuesday (that is BOTH days should show in the repeating group).

I have tried creating custom states for each day of the week and adding constraints within the repeating group, however constraints within the “Search for Business” work as an “and” function, not as an “or” function that I require so it does not display the correct output of business names.

I also attempted using “merged with” as in the editor below. This works, however it is not an elegant solution because in my actual app I have multiple filter criteria, with much more than only work day checkboxes. So doing many ‘merged with’s’ for multiple fields can get really messy.

If anyone has done something similar to this or has cleaner method, I would greatly appreciate any assistance!

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