Multiple selectable options from a dropdown

How do I configure the ability to have multiple selectable options from a dropdown?

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We don’t support this yet, but it’s on our list, so it’ll come at some point.

Hi guys, @emmanuel @kelagha

Has this feature been added, and if so, how would I go about it?

Many Thanks

No not yet.

Any time frame in mind?

In the meantime, what is the best solution to this problem?

For example; my other app is called GarageHound. When an auto shop joins our site, we want them to be able to pick a number of different options from a list of things. For example a few different options from a list of car brands they specialise in, or pick a number of different services they offer from a list of services,

Many Thanks @emmanuel

No clear deadline. if it’s critical, don’t hesitate to reach out, that’s the kind of things we add on request (that’s what sponsoring feature is for).

Okay, I will check that out -

To be clear, Is it possible to solve my problem without a drop down then? Possibly with a checklist option where a user checks multiple options, or radio buttons?

Thanks @emmanuel

You could probably use a Repeating Group with a checkbox in each row. Then use a button to submit and add all of the items with the checkboxes selected.

I pulled out a series of categories into a repeating group with clickable boxes for multi select. It drives a custom state.


@NigelG Curious how you set up the repeating group with clickable boxes?

My use case is for a parent registering kids, where they have kids associated to their account and I want them to check off which kids they want to register.

Ideally when they click the checkbox, it would load the kid’s data into the registration form and the parent could submit it from there (pictured). But I cannot find a way to access the checkbox through any workflow/conditions when it is in the repeating group. How did you use it in a repeating group?

No, you can’t do “the currently clicked boxes thing” in Bubble …

You need to do it the other way round, so send data from the checkbox to the form - you will need put the form in a group.

Have a look at this example of sending a click from an RG to a popup.

Right, I can just click the repeating group and send the data to a group with the form info in it (make it visible over top of a blank form group). Was overthinking RGs main functions by trying to do multiple selections. Thanks!

Any UX ideas for selecting multiple choices from a dynamic list (like kids of a parent)?
First to my mind is a button below the form for “Add Another” where it does the accordion style for another repeating group and registration form.

Not quite sure what you are after ?

No worries, going with a UI/UX similar to this online registration

Accordions are certainly possible, in this case you are just adding blank entries either to a list of things, or a custom state.

How are accordions possible?

I have solved this with Radio Buttons in a PopUp.

However, now I have to have one field in my Data App for each Radio Button Option - resulting in a lot of empty tabs for each entry and a lot of work setting constraints again later when I want search results, that access this database, shown in a repeating group…

Is there a better way of doing this?

Hi! you can find it in plugins. Its calling “multi dropdown”

BEST option by far. All the other stuff is very challenging and annoying. Use this one bubble users :slight_smile: