Beautiful multi-dropdown in Bubble

Hey everyone

I am new to the Bubble world.

I want to create a multi-dropdown input field. I used the “Multiselect Dropdown” plugin.

It’s okay, but not very stylish and convenient for 20 options.

How can I create something like this?


I don’t understand what type of visual element to use and how to store data in the database.

Ideally, it would be a repetitive group with 20 options. Those selected will be stored in the database.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @de.kulkov

I think you can do it yourself with an repeating group !

Easy. As you say, use a repeating group. Set a state on the repeating group called selectedItems.

Each time a user clicks on the pills, it will either add them or remove them from the custom state. You will need two workflows, one for when selectedItems contains current cells item and one for when selectedItems doesn’t contain current cells item.

Then when user clicks Confirm at the bottom, it saves the list of selectedItems to the database.


Thank you!

I don’t quite understand the part “Repeating Group → SelectedItems”

Is there a good tutorial on it? Tried to google it, but existing use cases are a little bit different.

Appreciate you!

This video helped me a LOT —