Multiple concurrent workflows on the same data

Hi All,

I had a question about what is going on under the hood with bubble when you have multiple users performing workflows on the same data. For instance let’s say you have a calculated field on a Thing, and the calculation is different based on some user inputs. When the user initializes the workflow, it calculates the field, which is then copied and stored in a separate Thing. However, what would happen if another user with access to the same data initialized a work flow that alters the calculated field prior to the first user’s workflow finishing? Would it cause the data that is modified by the second user’s workflow to potentially be the data that is copied and stored by the first user’s workflow.

Thanks for the help!

If you are worried about this sort of thing happening… I would add a field called locked… and put 1 (meaning locked) in it when starting the workflow… this means no one else can do anything with it. At the end of the workflow you can unlock it by updating to 0.