"Users modify data at the same time, what guarantees we make"

A bug(presumably) led me to reading this message. I have a feeling I wasn’t exactly supposed to see this.
Could someone from Bubble.is please give their 2 cents on this, before I spend my money on the service?
As an aside, definitely not attacking anyone, because I reckon the service is quite brilliant. Yet, if it’s true that I won’t be able to support multiple data changes at the same, this has the potential to tank my whole operash’.

It means there is no explicit locking in Bubble.

So if you there is a field with Bob in it… And a user changes it to Alice… But in the mean time someone else has updated it to Carol… Then it will update from Carol to Bob.

It is possible to implement “optimistic offline locking” yourself in your app.

So you can update data multiple times quite happily but the consistency across multiple updates is not guaranteed.

@NigelG , thank you very much for the speedy reply!

I reckon I understand the issue better now. So this only applies, when the same key-value pair is edited, is that correct? If you have an object with user info that contains values for Name, Surname, Address, if you had three users simultaneously changing a separate key-value respectively(I know, not a common case, just want to make sure I understand the issue) inside the same object but not the same value inside the object, then what would happen? Or what would be likely to happen? The object should have the appropriate values set by the users separately, as long as two users didn’t edit the same value, correct?

On a side note, do you guys ever arrange consultations with potential customers? It would be very helpful to chat before I decide to make a purchase.

Again, thank you very much for the explanation :slight_smile:

From a “front end” perspective, I would expect that to work absolutely fine.

Where things don’t work so well, or at least have not in the past (it was a roadmap item but I now can’t find the road map !

This is very much a corner case …

If you have a parent > child relationship in your table, and you kick off a “back end” series of workflows (schedule a workflow on a list) to add 100 children to 1 parent, and the parent has a field “count of children” …

Then the server workflows (which run in parallel) can (or did) trip over each other on the update of the same field on the same thing. Meaning you might have got a count of 75 with 100 children added.

But this was the server side, not the “user” side.

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