Multiple DataSource/Filters on Repeater Field Question

Hi bubble community,

I’m developing our app & I just cannot wrap my head around this one & was wondering if an experienced bubbler could share some insight.

Background needed to understand problem: Our app has users who can add their children. These children have Skills, which have Goal Categories, which have Goals. For goals, (think tickboxes) for the user (parents) to say what the children can or cannot currently do (i.e Can your child hold a pencil?). Then we have “resources” which are essential activities that correlate to the goal. When a goal is ticked (or marked as completed) all of the resources correlated to that goal disappear from the repeater field “resources”. In that sense, it’s interactive. The goal is completed and the resources create a custom program or list of activities for the parents.

The problem: How to constrain the resources repeater field so that when the goals are completed will it will not show the corresponding resources.

This is what I’ve tried

Data Types & Fields are below:

Thank you so much if you can help!!

Hello, I ran into almost sam scenario recently. Hope it will solve the problem -

You must save completed goals in a different data type. I mean create a data type as “Completed Goals” and field of goals name must not be a list.

When user tick the box Create a new thing “Completed Goal”

Filter the value inside the element of the repeating group which is displaying the data.

When showing the value of current cell in the element (text, input etc.) use “Only When” the value is not present (count:0) in “Completed Goal” data type created by the user.

Hope it helps

Note: You might also need to create a data type for “Ongoing Goals” depending on the use case.

And my case was to show saved items depending on the othe data types “generated items” related to “saved items”. I used two different repeating groups

Hi @kazimdgoni

Thank you so much for the quick reply & the solution!
I’ll give it a go and see how I go.

I did actually find another way that ended up working, see below:

But it is using Advanced & calling on client side a lot. I will try your way.

Thanks again!

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Glad you got it worked. Happy building :dart:

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