Multiple emails in one input to create accounts


I’m trying to create a form where a user can “Create an account for someone”.

The workflow works if there’s only one email in the multi-line text input, but I can’t seem to figure out how to be able to have the user paste in a bunch of emails to create multiple accounts at once (invite more than one person at once).

I’ve tried separating by comma’s, semi-colon, and returns… but it keeps giving me the 'oops this doesn’t look like a valid email" error.

Any ideas/work arounds?


Hmm, just tried the same and couldn’t do it either! Need help with that…

Anyone know if there’s a way to create a workflow/action/something before the “Create an account for someone” action, that would extract each email in the list/text block, and then one by one do the “Create an account for someone” action and subsequent steps. And keep repeating until all are done?

thx :s

Schedule an API Workflow on a list.

You may need a little bit more if you use a multiline text field with csv list. For bubble this will only be a text and not a list of text.

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Topic about this kind of case:

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