Stumped: Inviting multiple users at once

Setting up an app where I want to account creators to be able to invite multiple users at once.

I have a signup process for a new user to sign up, confirm their email and then finish the signup process of creating an account for them and additional users to access. During that later sign-up process, there’s an ability to add emails (up to 5) to invite additional team members.

The additional team member’s emails are saved to a state in a list on the page. A scheduled API workflow kicks off at the end that’s supposed to create an account for them, set a temp password, and email them the details.

I’ve tried to use the “Create an account for someone else” functionality on the scheduled api workflow. But can not for the life of me get it to work. I’ve played with interval timing and everything.

Any advice?

Without seeing workflows, a tad difficult to decipher what any errors could be. I’d suggest firstly checking that the API can be ran without authentication (not sure if this affects APIs being called internally but worth a shot).

  1. Can you share the problem workflow and the logs immediately after trying to run the workflow

Ok this is leading me in the right direction. The workflow is supposed to work down the list of emails but instead is sending all of the emails at once.

Should it be Schedule API workflow ‘on a list’?


Thanks for the question, Zubair, we are doing it as a list, but it sends each email in one line.

There is something funny about the way ‘u’ is passed.

You should be passing ‘This text’. But seem to be passing the same list

See image below.

How are these two same? The issue checker should be reporting this as an error.
The top one is a ‘list’. The ‘u’ parameter is supposed to be a single text.


Take the list of emails and send to Backend workflow parameter of type text and make that a list/array.

Then use list popper in the backend workflow to Pop the first text from the list (first email) and next step is email action with result step 1 popped item.

3rd step is recursive function on backend.

I do this a lot. I give my clients the functionality to create accounts for thousands of employees via CSV upload.

Thank you! Will have to book mark this for bulk jobs.

Thank you! I knew it must be something obvious that was too obvious.